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Super Two Digestion Bundle
Super Two Digestion Bundle
17 980 Ft 
16 200 Ft

Super Two Digestion Bundle

The bundle is a combination of two myCosmofood blends. These can be yours at a super discounted price!

The ingredients of the bundle have been carefully selected to replenish your body's nutrients and complement each other to optimize the effects.

  • Improve your general well-being
  • Support your digestion system
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Boost your immunity 
17 980 Ft 
16 200 Ft
Begin: 21/06/2023   While stocks last!
Discount: 10
Saving 1 780 Ft
Bonus point : 486 pont

Net weight:

Zero Gravity - 100 g/ 15 servings
Veggie Versum - 100 g/ 15 servings

Recommended intake:  

Mornings 1 Tbsp Zero Gravity. Evenings 1 Tbsp Veggie Versum.

You can find more details about each mixture in the product descriptions!

Emesztés helyreállítása, Méregtelenítéshez, Ragyogó bőr
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